We offer each of our clients excellent personalized legal services. Whether you live in Queen Anne, Bellevue or Renton, The Advocates is ready to help victims of bodily injury throughout Washington State. If you can`t visit us at our downtown Seattle office, we`ll meet you wherever you are. Advocates are dedicated to you and your recovery. Don`t wait to call our office at 206-452-4200 to see how a lawyer can help you. Contact our office today and begin the path to recovery. You deserve a defender! Together, our six partners have over 200 years of experience in various areas of law in a variety of legal environments, including large law firms and in-house consulting environments. Your legal work will be managed by a partner with many years of experience in your specific areas of need. We have offices in the Pacific Northwest: Seattle and Bellevue. With an estate problem in my family and a sick family member unable to come to him, Mr.

King came to my house to rework a property. He was very helpful and accommodating. He also made us feel very appreciated as customers. Full recommendation. If you would like to arrange a consultation or contact us, please visit our contact page today. If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, you may find that your life is disrupted by your injuries and losses. Medical bills are piling up. Your vehicle may be damaged, so you no longer have reliable transportation. Insurance clerks call non-stop and urge you to settle for an amount that seems far too low.

Given the circumstances, it`s easy to feel that your life is getting harder and harder by the day. Advocates Law Group provides high-quality and cost-effective legal services to businesses and individuals. We are committed to providing customer service and providing our clients with accessible, responsive, proactive and strategic representation. Advocates Law Group is a non-traditional law firm because we do not pay high rents in the city centre and do not pass on hidden costs to our clients. Ensuring that your legal issues are resolved in the most cost-effective way is one of our key guiding principles. We keep overhead low so partners can focus on providing cost-effective representation to our clients instead of paying high overhead. We are proud of the quality of the large company and the personality of the small town. Contact Advocates Law Group to get the talent you need without the high billing rates of a traditional law firm. We are practical consultants with exceptional experience. I was made to feel like I was Jordan`s main customer, with the quick answers I received to all my questions. I was guided through the step-by-step process with simple instructions and felt very confident with Jordan`s portrait. Jordann explained everything to me in detail and then guided me through the process step by step.

It made it so easy for me to gather all the necessary documents for my case by providing step-by-step instructions and lists of what was needed. I was able to do all this online. Which could be easier. Thank you Jordan and Jennifer. Our partners are committed to providing customer service and combine their rich experience with common sense for your legal matters. Customer service, efficient representation and cost-effective solutions are the guiding principles of our law firm. Sound Advocates Law Group PLLC provides legal services throughout the Northwest Region. Advocates` strong lawyers are active in small business, bankruptcy, estate planning and administration, and real estate.

To learn more about us, our lawyers and our fields of business, you can visit our website.