I wanted to use my Anglo Arms locking knife as an EDC because it is apparently illegal to carry it in my backpack because it is a locking knife because of the serrated blade part, the belt cutter and the glassbreaker drill because it is a locking knife, and it can hardly exceed 7.62 cm depending on where you say the blade starts to count. I hope at least that in an emergency, it is acceptable to keep something like this in my car, probably also under the car with the pipes, so that I can not reach it easily. However, the government website states: “Lock knives are not classified as folding knives and can be worn illegally in public without a valid reason. Locking knife: Have blades that can only be locked and folded again at the push of a button. “There are no buttons on an opinel, nor anything that could be interpreted as such. And come on, you don`t need anything bigger than a number 6 Opinel to do everything you need to do, day in and day out, somewhere in the UK. As a prepper, you need to be aware of the rules and laws regarding legal weapons in the UK at the moment, and before any SHTF or WROL situation. Given the current level of knife crime that we are currently experiencing in the UK, I would fully expect to feel the full weight of the law if I carried my Bushcraft knife in public, how to combat knife crime by adopting a zero-tolerance attitude towards wearing blade objects. So, in my opinion, this is a simple case of “don`t be stupid” because, combined with the actual legal restrictions, the aforementioned outbreak of knife crime should be reason enough to tell anyone with a brain carrying a knife in public that it`s a big no. That`s why it`s important to know what you can legally own now – then go out and pick them up, train with them, store them and be ready when you need them.

If you do not meet the relevant legal requirements, the item will expire and be confiscated by the Border Force. You may also be arrested and prosecuted if you illegally import the item into the UK and/or own the item illegally in the UK. The maximum prison sentence can be up to 10 years. You must meet certain legal requirements in order to legally import firearms and ammunition into the UK. The Border Force works with other government departments and agencies to prevent the importation of illegal firearms (including their components), ammunition and offensive weapons into the UK. Our “knives” and tomahawks thrown are blunt, but could be interpreted as sharp objects. Therefore, I would like to suggest that use at home, on your own private property, under reasonable conditions of security, you will not violate this law. Common sense only works if the other party has it too. Airport security confiscated my Spyderco squeak because it was “threatening.” All 2″ of them. I surrendered gracefully, it made no sense to do anything else. My son had a car accident and the police wanted to pursue him because he had 2 legal folding knives on the street, one in his jacket he had forgotten, the other in his pants used as silver pliers. The policeman then asked him what he was being used for; 10 minutes later, she gave up.

I`m going on a bike tour of Wales next week; Everything is very civilized – no camping, little off the road, no cooking. But I take some of my own food, because of dietary restrictions. I have a leather man but I would like to take my bushcraft knife because: 1) It is not hygienic to use a knife for everything 2) short blades are sometimes too short to cut food 3) if I have to make a fire, I need the largest knife 4) in an emergency scenario (answers please on a postcard) a folding knife would collapse under considerable pressure, Lock or not lock. The bushcraft knife does not. 5) I shave my legs with the bushcraft knife. There are also many other firearms that you can legally own here in the UK – from a semi-automatic rifle to a shotgun – they are all legal to own. * However, it is legal to carry a non-lockable folding ash knife or a versatile tool (such as the EDC5 knife pictured here), provided the blade is less than 3″ long. * You can do it “because the law says you can.” It is completely legal to carry this type of knife in your pocket. But it would be a noticeable offense if you started fiddling in public. The government`s website on the Knife Act explicitly states that sword sticks are illegal. To be fair, it`s a real hidden weapon, and it`s hard to imagine a valid reason to wear one in a public place? But I repeat, almost anything can and will be considered an offensive weapon and, as such, illegal if used aggressively.

Run and stab someone with you Brolly and the Brolly becomes an offensive weapon, but catching a Brolly to defend yourself against an attacker with a knife is a whole new area. And a very gray to that! Any type, shape or size is legal: compound, curved, longbed, etc. The list and your choice are very restrictive as the UK is a zero tolerance police and legal system. The points for and against the public possession of `decent` self-defence weapons oscillate in both directions. Compared to the United States, we are laughing stock, but several gun murders are so frequent that they are hardly talked about. Whereas here in the UK we don`t have that way of life. If you have any doubts about what constitutes a legal weapon in the UK, you should first check with your local police and be 100% sure before risking a hefty fine. While anything can be turned into a firearm, this list is for generally accepted firearms that are legal to possess without the need for an AEC [Firearms Certificate] or other special permit. The issue of carrying a knife in public is a matter for the law, and the law could be clearer. As a former law student turned international photojournalist, I find things a bit contradictory myself. Especially the locking knife device.

When you open the knife part of a leather, the blade is sharpened and fixed until you remove one of the other tools a little. Then both grow at home. I have an old NATO knife that someone from Sheffield gave me about 35 years ago. He worked there and could buy them at cost – £6. There is no dot, it is flat and the blade is less than 3″. If I lent this to my grandson to sharpen his pencils, if I draw in public, will he be ready to be arrested? The blade snaps into place and then folds back without further action. There is no button to press. A legitimate excuse to carry? Sharpen the pencils? Well, I`m sure the font/CPS would say to get a pencil sharpener.

However, artists prefer to sharpen their pencils with a knife blade as this results in a longer piece of lead rather than a thin spot that comes off quickly. It`s okay to check with the police. My experience is that they will be very happy to tell you what you can`t do, not so eager to tell you what you can do. In terms of judges. In the Court of First Instance, most cases, with the exception of a legally qualified district judge, are heard by a bank of three justices of the peace. Worthy of the local. Appointed if they meet certain criteria. “Our kind of people.” Always find an accused guilty and disregard arguments when a case is being defended.