Students with relevant college credits may consider DU`s online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Legal Studies. The most important requirements include criminal law and procedures, disability and law, and negotiation theory. The program also offers an expedited option where students earn a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Conflict Resolution. Accreditation is granted to colleges, universities and individual programs of study that choose to be assessed by an external body and then successfully meet the organization`s requirements for high academic standards. Students are advised to choose an accredited program or school to ensure that they receive a quality education in terms of curriculum, faculty and resources and outcomes for students. Online Master`s degrees and Graduate Certificates in Law are designed to provide a foundation for graduates in legal issues that may be useful in areas such as business, public administration, or social work. Master`s programs typically have a small core of courses in a legal field and elective courses that allow students to tailor the degree to the particular area of law relevant to their goals. Some LL.M. programs are only courses, while others require the completion of a thesis.

Online courses are hosted through the Blackboard Learning Management System, where attendees can access lectures, videos, discussion forums, and quizzes. Courses are offered in an 8-week format and can be synchronous or asynchronous. However, students work mostly independently. The duration of the programmes varies according to the level of education; Students complete the bachelor`s degree program with 120 credit points in an average of three and a half years, while the JM in American Legal Studies lasts an average of one year. Bachelor`s degree graduates can pursue graduate degrees such as a Master`s degree in Legal Studies or a Juris Doctor (JD). Professionals with a JD can qualify for a career as lawyers or judges. These professionals often earn around $125,000 a year. The law degree program offers specializations in the areas of public law, criminal law and litigation.

In addition to basic law courses, online learners take courses in advocacy, international law and business law. Students who earn the Bachelor of Laws online also complete an internship or graduation course to gain practical skills. Upon completion of Liberty`s Bachelor of Laws and Policy – Pre-Law, you can take on the following roles: Undergraduate certificates and associate degrees in law provide the analytical skills needed to conduct legal research and support the legal work of lawyers and other professionals. The course deals with the philosophy of law, law and society, legal analysis and writing, and legal research. Graduates have a comprehensive understanding of the legal system in society as well as the ability to assess legal issues through research and writing. A doctorate is the highest level of education in the field of law. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Law and Politics (DLP) degrees are available for students online, and Juris Doctor (JD) degrees are available for students enrolling in on-campus programs. The State of California is an exception to this rule, where students have online JD options; However, graduates of these programs could only take the bar exam and practice in the state of California. In most U.S. states, an ABA-certified JD is required to take the bar exam and become a licensed attorney.

To apply to the UMGC, prospective students must graduate from a state-approved high school or receive successful results on the GED. Eligible students must submit an online application and previous transcripts for the exam. Transfer students can apply for up to 90 college credits for the bachelor`s program. Graduates may work as paralegals, arbitrators or lawyers. Some graduates work as human resources managers or management consultants. Bachelor of Laws programs often favor applicants with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and above-average SAT scores. Some programs accept transferable associate degrees. After graduation, students typically find work in law firms, private law firms, or companies such as banks, insurance companies, or real estate offices, among many other opportunities. Some students may use an associate law degree as a starting point for continuing education, including law school, but for most, the degree prepares students to do office work in law firms. Some employers prefer to hire candidates with work experience, and associate students are advised to do co-op work or internships during their studies.

Knowledge of a particular area of law, such as finance, healthcare or insurance, can also increase a graduate`s career prospects. NU`s online bachelor`s program in Pre-Legal Studies includes four-week courses and is well suited for students who want to learn at an accelerated pace. During the programme, learners will hone their skills in analytical reasoning, negotiation and advocacy. Students customize their curriculum by choosing eight elective courses from the top division from more than a dozen options.