Afghanistan is one of the best country for the tourist. It consists of a major mountain range, the Hindu Kush, with its Valleys, desert and rivers system. All these factors attract the best tourist attractions in Afghanistan. There are a number of famous tourist places in Afghanistan that help to select Afghanistan for tourism. Some most famous places are as follows

  • Shah-E Doh Shamshira Mosque
  • Blue Mosque
  • Panjshir Mountains
  • Herat Citadel
  • National Museum of Afghanistan
  • Minaret of Jam
  • Darul Aman Palace
  • Dahla Dam
  • Qargha Reserver

Shah-E Doh Shamshira Mosque

Mosque of the King of Two Swords Known as Shah-E Doh Shamshira Mosque. It is a best tourist place in Kabul Afghanistan. This mosque attract tourist attractions in Afghanistan Kabul. It was build in 1920s during  Amanullah’s drive for modernization it look like it would be more at home in Vienna or Versailles. You can view a lot of birds near the gate and many shops as well. Tomp of Mughal General Chin Timur Khan near the mosque who was the cousin of Babur that was a Asian conqueror of Central Asia. Many more tombs of  Muslims commanders . All of these places  attract tourist attractions in afghanistan Kabul.

Blue Mosque

Blue mosque also known as a Sultan Ahmed mosque. It is one of the best tourist places in Afghanistan. This Mosque is famous for its bluish interior decoration. This mosque is open roughly 30 minutes after Fajur Prayer and closes one hour before sunset. In the Afternoon mosque is full with peoples that comes from different areas for Visit this beautiful place it is a best time to visit of this place. One thing that you must me remember if you go for visit this place during the prayer time non-Muslims not be allowed to visit however non Muslim visit this place after or before prayer time. You should bust be visit this Mosque if you go Afghanistan for visit because it’s a best tourist places in Afghanistan.

Panjshir Mountains

Panjshir Mountains ( Valley of the Five lines) is Valley in north-Central Afghanistan 150 kilometers north of Kabul. Panjshir River Divide this valley. More than 100000 people live in this valley. It is the best place.

for Hiking, horse riding and running. Grave of Commandant Massoud-a notable afghan military leader is here. There are some famous places in Panjsher like tomb of  Ahmad Shah Massoud located in Saricha, Bazarak, Panjshir and the Football Stadium in Pnjshir Valley near to the Panjshir River. These are best tourist places in Afghanistan.

Herat Citadel

Citadel of Alexander is also known as a Citadel of Herat, locally known as Qala Iktyaruddin. It is located in the center of Heart in Afghanistan. It was many time destroyed and rebuilt. It use as a headquarters in last 2000 years. There for is a historical and famous tourist attractions in Afghanistan.

Kartid Amir Fakhr al-Din reinforced the citadel’s towers, walls  ramparts and moat and added a walled maidan to its west to serve as an open air mosque. All these facts make it one of the  best tourist places to visit in Afghanistan

National Museum of Afghanistan

Kabul Museum  another name of National Museum of Afghanistan is the best  tourist places in Afghanistan. It consist on two-story building located 9 km southwest of the center of Kabul in Afghanistan. It is a  Historical tourist places to visit in Afghanistan. It was built in 1919 during the region of King Amanullah Khan. The collection was originally inside the Bagh-e-Bala Palace but in 1922 it was moved and began as  a  Cabinet of Curiosities. On the present location it was move in 1931.

Minaret of Jam

It is a best tourist places to visit in Afghanistan. It is famous for its decorations and Islamic inscriptions. It was built by the Ghurids rulers who carved up an empire that consisted of modern day Afghanistan, Iran  and part of Central Asia Pakistan and India. It is 65m taller.

Minaret mean a tall slender tower of a mosque having one or more balconies form which form the summons  to prayer is cried by the muezzin. The Minaret of Jam is probably located at the site of the Ghurid Dynasty  capital, Firozkoh.

Darul Aman Palace

It is one of  the best place that  famous tourist attractions in Afghanistan. It is a three-story-tall place located abut 16 kilometers outside of the center of Kabul. It was established by King Manullah Khan in 1920. Tajbeg is another  place near the darul  aman place that  major tourist attractions in Afghanistan. It was build hilltop  according to a European new classical architectural style. Defense Ministry taken over the control of this building and Mujahideen during the civil war of 1990 destroy it.

Dahla Dam

Arghandab Dam is another name of Dahla Dam. It is a best  tourist places in Afghanistan. It is located in Kandahar Province Shah Wali Kot District in Afghanistan 40 kilometers north of the provincial capital Kandahar. It was constructed in 1952. It is a second largest dam in Afghanistan. In 2019 Afghan Government spending $450 million dollars on making the dam more useful. This Dam built on the Arghandab River which flows over a length of 250 miles. It is best tourist places to visit in Afghanistan.

Qargha Reserver

Qargha Reservoir is one the best tourist place in Afghanistan. It is dam and reservoir near Kabul in Afghanistan. Its peripheral areas provide recreation facilities such as boating, golfing and surfing all of these make it famous tourist places in AfghanistanHotel are built on the bank of the Reservoir . Irrigation and hydropower developments have also been planned from  the stored water of reservoir all of these systems that make on the Reservoir  make it major tourist attractions in Afghanistan.  People also enjoy all these things. This dam was built in 1933 and the height of this dam is 30 meters  and length is 1.63 kilometers and top width is 600 meters.