Bruges, North Venice

Bruges is the most fun visit place in Belgium. Full of canals, palaces, and mountains, attracting tourists with its enchanting beauty. The settlement of Bruges begins on the bank of the river Reie which flows forward. And connects the waterways of the Zwin Estuary and the North Sea in northwest Belgium. Bruges’ all-time tourist attraction in Belgium. Many more tourist places in Belgium. A twisted Grote floating market. Belgium’s gothic bell towers are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A gothic masterpiece of a basilica holding a vial of the clotted holy blood of Christ. Romantic gondolas, a nightlife perfect for couples. Magnificent bell towers and halls that dominate the main square of Bruges are the best tourist destinations to hit in Bruges.

Brussels, Charming nightlife in the capital city

The capital city of Belgium is the must-see place on every tourist’s Belgium itinerary. Tourist places in Belgium Brussels, located in the central region of Belgium, is part of the French and Flemish community. Brussels is a land full of surprises in the form of architectural relics from medieval times. That’s why the majority of tourist attractions in Belgium are Brussels. It is the heartbeat of Belgium, with the famous La Grand-Place that preserves the guild houses of the old medieval buildings. Bruges is blessed with many fascinating tourist destinations, from the impressive architecture of La Grand Place to the Irish pubs, and the rooftop cafes of La Grand Place.

Ghent, Beauty in serene works of art

Its location in northwestern Belgium, Ghent is well visited for its splendid architecture and serene historic charm. 17th-century canal houses and an impressive fortress from medieval times: Gravensteen, “the castle of the counts”, which offers 360-degree views all around. , a perfect place for sightseeing tourist sites in Belgium. The most visited tourist place in Belgium after Brussels and Antwerp is Ghent. The real star of the show for the Ghent tour in Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, one of Europe’s treasures in the form of enchanting panel painting artworks title polyptychs “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”. And a Ghent shopping hotspot is the Vrijdagmarkt located as the historic center in a large square often called the market on Fridays and Saturdays.
Antwerp, Diamond Capital of the World

People who visit Belgium never skip their stop in Antwerp at all costs. A tourist town in Belgium Antwerp is the city located on the Scheldt river that connects to the North Sea by the Westerschelde river estuary, the second largest metropolitan city after Brussels. Tourist attractions in Belgium Antwerp is one of the richest cities in the Scandinavian region in the diamond trade. The Diamond Club of, the BeursvoorDiamanthandel, the AntwerpscheDiamantkring, and the VrijeDiamanthandel, which are sure to be on every tourist’s must-see list.

Ardennes, Adventurous land of greens

The best place for explorers and nature enthusiasts is the Ardennes. Ironically situate starting from the city of Namur. Meandering through the valleys of the meandering Meuse River. The Ardennes is a first-class land for all adventurers to get heartwarming. Real-world experiences by hiking, trekking, trail running, camping, and biking along the enticing hills, caves, cliffs, and ridges. Other tourist attractions include the rock-covered fortress of Chateau de Bouillon, Mardi Gras festivities, valleys, misty forests, and the labyrinth of Barvoux and Han-sur-Lasse.

Tournai, Center of cathedrals: –

Located on the double border of Belgium and France. Tournai is the city that houses the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Tournai is a hub of works of art, sculptures, and ancient relics. Those are open all year round for all esthetes. Best tourist Places in Belgium. Tournai’s wonderful attraction is the Notre-Dame Cathedral, where people speak French.

Tournai is backed by many historic cathedrals. Making it the best place for a family reunion to visit the magnificent 12th and 13th-century monuments of the Sanctuary of Our Lady, the New Cathedral houses. There’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tournai, a five-story Roman-era building. An adorable Gothic masterpiece that together delights the eyes. The other tourist attractions of Tournai are the Belfry bell tower with 257 steps. The Museum of Fine Arts with a collection of treasures.

Leuven, The best beer city:-

The city is populated by the majority of the countries. Youth with up to 25,000 students at the 800 year old KU Leuven or KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven in Leuven. It includes most tourist places in Belgium. This university is the largest in all of Belgium increasing tourist attractions in Belgium Wikipedia. And attracts students and visitors to maintain its enormous glory every year. Leuven is the center of the best InBev breweries in the world, being one of the largest in the world.