Pakistan is one of the beautiful country. Second highest mountain K2 Stunning. There are many lively cities like Lahore Islamabad and beautiful Valleys in the north of Pakistan is the perfect place for a unique gateway. There are more tourist places in Pakistan that attract the visitor toward Pakistan . Tourism contribute in economy of Pakistan.

Some of the Best places that never miss to visit if you are in Pakistan

  • Neela Sandh Waterfall
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Lahore Fort
  • Nathia Gali
  • Spin Khwar Lake
  • Deosai National Park
  • Mehrgarh
  • Pakistan Air force Museum

Neela Sandh Waterfall

Neela Sandh is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Pakistan. 25 miles Distance between Islamabad and Neela Sandh Waterfall. Greenery, tall trees and lush green mountains are around of this water fall. it’s clear blue stream of water and also short height waterfall. It is one of the top tourist places in Pakistan Islamabad . delighful waterfalls situated in mori syedan known as neela sandh water fall. Visit this place individually or with families. It a totally safe place for swimming in cool water it also a best place for photography.

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi mosque is situated in Lahore . It was created by Badsha aurangzaib. After fall of the Mughal emperors Sikh and British Empire use as a defense force .In Mughal Era it was a largest mosque and now it is a second largest mosque in Pakistan. It is a best tourist places in Pakistan Punjab. it is one of the most iconic sights in Pakistan. In 1673 it was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in lahore near the Minar-e-Pakistan. It is major tourist places in Pakistan Punjab.
The capacity of this mosque is 100,000 worshippers offer prayer at a same time.

Lahore Fort

Under the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan this was consturcted. Mirza Ghiyas Begh construct this shahi Fort. It was construct in 1631-32. Mirza Ghiyas Begh is a father of Nur Jahan and grandfather of Mumtaz Mahal. Lahore Shahi Fort is one of the famous tourist places in Pakistan Punjab. it spreads over the area greater than 20 hectares. When the Mughal Empire is fall then Lahore Fort was used as residence of Ranjit sing how was the founder of the Sikh Empire. So it is a historical tourist places in Pakistan Punjab.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a mountain resort town and hill station near the Islamabad. Distance between the Islamabad and Nathia Gali only two and half hour or Murree only 45 minutes by road. Nathia gali high 2410 meters from the sea bed. It is located in Galyat Range where several hill statin are situated. Natihia Gali famous for his scenic beauty, pleasant weather and hiking tracks. It is best tourist places in Pakistan in winter. Ayubia national park is also attract the tourist toward the Maree and also ayubia is a beautiful place for tourism. It is get tourist attractions in Pakistan . There are number of tourist came here to visit this place it also a best place for visiting with families. Tourist enjoy the snow falling in Maree.

Spin Khwar Lake

Spin Khwar lake is one of the best tourist places in swat. This beautiful lake is hidden in the lap of mountains in the east of Utror Valley. There are two tracks that use to access the lake, one from the kundal side track and second from the Ladu Valley. A track from the side of Ladu Vally is comparatively east to access this valley. Small huts and mosque built by local grazers for stay but a personal tent is more recommendable because these huts in a poor condition due to lack of maintenance. Green pastures and wild flowers also increase the beauty of the lake. all these things make this lake one of the beautiful tourist places in swat

Deosai National Park

The Deosai National Park is one of the famous tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan. it was established in 1993 to protect the brown bear that specially found in Himalaya. It is located in Astore District . It is high 4114 meters above the sea level. This park spread on the area of 843 square kilometers. It cover by sweeps of wildflowers and various kind of butterflies in spring season. It is far 30 km from the Skardu city that is the shortest way to visit this par


Neolithic site Mehrgarh lies on the Kacchi Plain of Blochistan, Pakistan. It is located near the Bolan Pass to the west of Indus River Valley now that known as Quetta, Kalat and Sibi. In 1974 this was discovered by an archaeological team that lead by French archaeologists Jan-Francois Jarrige. It is a historical tourist places in Balochistan. In Mehrgarh found the oldest ceramic figurines of the south Asia. Two type of burials find in Mehrgarh site.
Pakistan Air Force Museum

Karachi is one of the largest city of Pakistan and twelfth largest city in the world.
It is first capital of Pakistan there are many beautiful tourist places in pakistan karachi. tourist places in pakistan karachi. Pakistan Air Force Museum is one of them.

The another name of Pakistan Air Force Museum is Pakistan Air Force Museum Faisal. It is a park and museum situated near Karsaz Flyover on the Shahrah-e-Faial in Karachi Sindh Pakistan. Aircraft, Weapons and Radar are displayed outside in the park and the main museum features all major aircraft that used by the Pakistan Air Force. You will find here a craft that used by Muhammad Ali JInnah founder of Pakistan and Folland Gnat of Indian Air Force that landed in Pasrur town, Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan War on 1965. This museum is best tourist places in Pakistan. Deputy Chairman manage the overall the museum. Recently rename the museum to archive some history and give some additional responsibilities for maintaining some documents history of PAF. Gp Capt Rizwan Idris is a current director or deputy chairman of the Muesum