One of the most besieged countries in the Middle East is Yemen. It is located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. From the civil war against poverty and corruption to the Al Qaeda uprising and the Houthi uprising. The cholera epidemic, in Yemen, has endured much in recent decades. With the problems continuing to plague its citizens, Yemen has much to offer. It is the oldest inhabited region in the world. Yemen’s rich heritage is reflecting in its amazing architectural structures. The most beautiful tourist places in Yemen are ancient high-rise buildings, ancient mosques, and charming houses. The man-made structures that characterize the region, the diverse landscapes along the river valleys, mountainous areas, and beautiful coastlines make Yemen one of the most beautiful countries in Middle East Asia.

Socotra Island

One of the most isolated landforms of continental origin on Earth is the beautiful island of Socotra. It is located between the Gardafoy Channel and the Arabian Sea. Socotra Island is included in the top 10 tourist places in Yemen. The island’s remoteness has resulted in the development of many species. The Dragon’s Blood Tree, the Pink Desert Rose, and a rare species of frankincense are endemic to the island. Nowhere to be found on the island. Some even believe that the island, with its biodiversity and solitude, was the original Garden of Eden. Whatever its origin, there is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful places in Yemen. Its has diverse landscapes. From the beautiful white sand of the surrounding beaches to the rugged Hajar mountains and golden sand dunes. There are many things that will amaze the visitor.

Qalansia Beach

The ancient white sand of Qalansia Beach, set against the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. It is a feast for the eyes. Qalansia includes a famous tourist attraction in Yemen. The main beach of Socotra is not far from Qalansia. Not far from the beach is the Detwah Lagoon, whose campsite offers spectacular views.


Located at an altitude of 2,300 meters, Yemen’s capital is one of the highest in the world. The beautiful old city of Sana’a is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its unique architecture. Multi-storied buildings, ancient mosques, and a variety of baths are definitely worth a visit. Wars and uprisings in recent years have severely damage the historic area for tourist attractions in Sanaa Yemen.

Al-Saleh Mosque

Yemen’s largest mosque is the impressive Al-Saleh Mosque, dubbed the “People’s Mosque” on the southern outskirts of the city. The sprawling mosque is a wonderful blend of Yemeni architecture and Islamic styles. A marvel of modern architecture. Al-Saleh Mosque is include of the most beautiful tourist places in Yemen. It opened in 2008 and is open to people of all faiths. There is a large security presence outside the mosque and strict screening of visitors.

Jabal Harz

The region’s name is after the Haraz Mountains where it is located. It is a great place to visit with its roof terrain and high rocky outcrops like medieval villages. Jabal Harz mountain is a popular tourist attraction in Yemen. These high settlements are built like forts, Which include the landscape with agriculture under them. Fortunately, they have largely avoid the wars that plagued Yemen in the recent past. Al-Hujra is one of the most beautiful and well-preservation medieval towns in the region. Clinging to the mountainside and a popular base for trekkers. 

Thola Village

One of the most beautiful towns in the Sana’a region is the well-preserved medieval town of Thola. A magnificent pink sandstone wall encloses the city. Thola village is rich to attract the top tourist attractions in Yemen. The city has 26 towers and 9 gates along the 2000 meter long wall. The narrow streets pass through old three- to five-story gyro sandstone houses that are built close to each other. About 600 houses are built in the same style of decoration and style gives this city its unique feature.


The historic mountain town of Kawkabin, is located in northwestern Yemen. It delights travelers with stunning views of mosques. Kawkabin is famous for tourist places in Yemen. In other villages in the Haraz Mountains, this beautiful village has not escape the ravages of war. Yes, there have been numerous airstrikes that are wreaking havoc in the region. The resistance of its residents forces them to start rebuilding the city. Located at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Its most famous inhabitants were the famous Jewish poet Zechariah Zehri.

Yemen is the world’s most beautiful place to visit. If people do like to explore different colors of nature, So Yemen is the best recommendation. The adventurous visitors will have a memorable trip to Yemen. There are many adventure points for tourists like the mountains in Yemen. Beautiful mosques, historical villages, and many more unique places to visit in Yemen.